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Our Mobile Service

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Sunrise Pool & Spa Services Pty Ltd are the pool and spa repair and maintenance experts.

Sunrise Pool & Spa Services Pty Ltd offers an efficient mobile pool service. We understand that your time is valuable, therefore, you can arrange a time for us to service your residential, commercial or strata pool that is convenient to you.

Sunrise Pool & Spa Services Pty Ltd maintenance, repairs and sales services include:

  • Pool and spa equipment sales
  • An efficient mobile pool service, which can be arranged at a time most suited to you. Sunrise Pool & Spa Services Pty Ltd carries a wide range of chemicals, spare parts, new filters, pumps, salt chlorinators and automatic cleaners for all your requirements.
  • Pool and Spa maintenance, including pool and spa pumps, pump repairs, pump overhauls, filtration system, chlorinator and automatic cleaner repairs. Sunrise Pool & Spa Services Pty Ltd also offers maintenance on a regular basis.
  • Pool equipment repairs, including replacement of all types of swimming pool equipment and accessories.
  • Water testing and balancing service, whereby your pool and/or spa is tested for safety, swimmer comfort and protection. Sunrise Pool & Spa Services offers an extensive, professional and comprehensive water testing and balancing examination to all residential, commercial and strata pools and spas.

Have you just moved into a house with a pool or spa and you don't know anything about it? Why not get one of our friendly service technicians to come to your house or place of business and spend some quality time teaching you the basics on how to run your pool or spa.

Sunrise Pool & Spa Services Pty Ltd can:

  • Show you how to operate and clean your filtration system correctly
  • Show you how to operate and clean your chlorination system
  • Teach you how to efficiently vacuum
  • Test the water and show you how to correctly to add chemicals to the water
  • Tell you all the basic chemistry levels that your pool water should be

Don't settle for second best. For a competitively priced and fully licensed pool and spa service, contact Sunrise Pool & Spa Services Pty Ltd today.

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